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We're Changing Crowd Funding Travels

by admin on July 25, 2013

Happy Thursday from myTab! So today we're going to explain about our Match myCash feature and how you can soon sit back and let us bring you an exclusive travel deal. Not the typical 'OMG, yet another email flash or daily deal' type offer. We don't do that type of stuff at myTab - it's irritating for you, doesn't solve the booking problem and everyone does it. We're not everyone (neither are you)!

We simply realized that the ole 'supply and demand' theory was wrong: the supplier (airline/hotel) supplied a deal and demanded you buy it, right? They spend a ton of cash working on how to do this and you still don't know if it's the best deal. Oh dear!

With myTab, we flipped this on its head so you are now the powerful bosses, calling the shots. myTab's demand and supply reversal, using our Match myCash feature, makes you in charge. But how does it work?

Well, you can book travel on myTab with your gifted and/or saved funds like normal. But with our Match myCash feature, this is where the good stuff rolls. The more you fund your trips, the more myTab has leverage to negotiate exclusive rock bottom deals with airlines and hotels on your behalf. Using the power of your accumulated cash, we broker these deals and then email you with a rate that's lower than the airline or hotel's website offers.

For example: 20,000 myTabber students are heading to Paris for study abroad on 2 June 2014 who have average $750 in their funds. myTab will then broker an exclusive deal with i.e. Air France or United Airlines, who's published rates are $900. We'll negotiate a deal within 15% of your $750 funds because you're cash rich and want to book, and the airlines want to get revenues a year in advance (and you're their perfect audience.) Make sense? This way, everyone wins. You sit back and let us send you an incredible deal and the airlines are happy campers. This means that you are now the demander and the supplier (airline/hotel) simply supplies to your needs. Which is the way it should always have been. We just righted the wrong.

Now get gifting, saving, planning, sharing and booking dream trips - or let us Match myCash!

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