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Cassies Off Down Under, Study Abroad

by admin on November 8, 2012

Meet Cassie, a West Texas native and savvy student at Texas Women's University (TWU) studying a Major in Math. Cassie's never studied abroad so when she heads to Perth, Australia in January, the world (or at least, the southern hemisphere) is going to be her oyster!

She'll be at Perth's Murdoch University from the end of January through June, starting with a fun week in Sydney (go visit the zoo) and then heading west to Perth.

Why Perth? Well, Cassie told us that Australia has always been a favorite wish list destination and she now had the opportunity to not only visit, but live there for a few months and absorb the environment and culture.

She applied through American Institute Foreign Study (AIFS) program, a preferred vendor of TWU. Using AIFS made life a lot easier for Cassie instead of researching from hundreds of alternative study abroad programs. Housing is also included so that's one less task to worry about. (just a note, Cassie can also set travel tasks on her myTab reminder feature. Aha!)

After she finishes study abroad, Cassie will have one more semester at TWU and graduate. She's not sure what she'll do next but it'll either be a Masters or an internship. Having a Math Major opens a LOT of doors for her career so she'll have a great range to choose from including tech, computer science, accounting and finance. Cassie's just focusing on getting to Australia and finishing her Bachelors before she contemplates the next steps, though. We agree with her on this. Having a long range focus works for some students yet others are best suited to enjoy living in the moment.

Her three tips of pre-study abroad advice:

Research prior to making a decision about your location. Focus on the best options and places available for both your Major and wish list city. Don't just jump at the first opportunity because it may not be the right decision.

Cassie has been part of a dance team for the first three years of College so decided she wanted to study abroad by herself. She loves team efforts but a breather was needed, so she'll not know anyone at Perth (brave and brilliant decision!). Cassie said you should make a conscious decision about going alone or with a group.

Finding the support and encouragement from friends/family throughout leading to study abroad helps makes your idea a reality. Surround yourself by good people who encourage you.

Want to Tweet with Cassie? Here's her Twitter account so you can talk with her about study abroad, Perth and all things mathematics!

Cassie also has a fantastic Tumbler blog. She's documenting her pre and during study abroad blog posts on this. We'll be featuring Cassie again in January and see where she's up to on fundraising her travels on myTab. She chose a brilliant time of year to set up her account - let that holiday gift cash roll in Cassie!

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