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  • Lots of BIG changes coming to myTab in the next 2/3 months. You ready??

About Us


The more you save and fundraise cash for travels, we can negotiate exclusive deals. We are taking crowd funding to a whole new level and it's powerful stuff!

Simply put, myTab's an online travel gift card: A place that you can save travel cash for individual and group trips and shout 'put it on myTab' so friends & family can gift each other cash for celebrations & trips (birthday, study abroad, holiday season, honeymoon etc). Then spend all or any of your funds on myTab, choosing from thousands of flights and hotels.

Left over cash after booking: #1 You can use this towards your next trip. #2 Re-gift to a friend to use on myTab. #3 Give a pay-forward donation to one of our featured environmental charities. Philanthropy has never felt so seamlessly good.

The kicker: The more you fund your trips, myTab negotiates exclusive deals on your behalf based on volume. You're cash rich, ready to travel, and airlines & hotels want you to book during their slow or long lead times, so myTab will broker these deals for you. This feature's called 'Match myCash' and it's like a reverse Groupon, game changing the power of crowd funding and stretching your travel cash further. Think of it as a new 'demand & supply' where myTabbers collectively demand a price and airlines & hotels supply it, the way it should have always been. We're starting with travel for now but within time, Match myCash will also be used on any ecommerce platform. We'll change the way you buy everything online and stabilize the economy. It's really quite simple.

Check out the links to the left and see how myTab works for study abroad trips right through to fundraiser travels. Brilliant!

> No more scrambling for weeks, searching erratic or last minute sky-high prices.
> No more pulling your hair out, stuck for a gift idea for someone you care about.
> No more unemotional, discarded gift cards going to waste.
> No more worrying about if you got the best travel deal.
> A full and emotional life cycle experience to gift, save, plan, share & book travel.
> No expiration dates on funds and no hidden fees for gifting, saving and booking.

So sign up for FREE today and within myTab, you'll see we have 'brilliant' buttons instead of 'submit.' So much more fun, right? (PS: We have the trademark on this button).

(San Francisco based myTab Inc launched Summer 2011 and is Patent Application Pending. Welcome to myTab and the future of travel).